Head Far Seer's HelmKurenai Ex
Neck 18 Choker of Vile Intent25badge
Shoulder 17 Pauldrons of DesolationSP Heroic
Chest Ebon Netherscale BreastplateCraft
Back 17 Auchenai Death ShroudAC Normal
Wrist Ebon Netherscale BracersCraft
Hand Gauntlets of DesolationShatHall Normal
Waist Ebon Netherscale BeltCraft
Leg 12 Greaves of DesolationSekHall Normal
Feets 17 Wild Stalker BootsRamp Heroic
Trinket 30 Icon of Unyielding Courage BF Heroic
Trinket Bloodlust Brooch41badge
Ring Ring of Arathi Warlords25badge
Ring 25 Violet Signet of the Master Assassins

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